Play Cake Mania 3

Big Fish Games has done it once again by bringing you another instalment of the popular Cake Mania series. Cake Mania 3 is now available online, free of charge, for whoever wants to partake of fun cake-making! While you can purchase the full version of the game for a price, you also have the chance to play it for free when you go online too. A visually entertaining game for the whole family, playing Cake Mania 3 will surely put a smile on your face once you start playing it.


Click here to play Cake Mania 3


The main character somehow travels through time and starts off in the prehistoric era. As crazy as it sounds, she now has to bake for dinosaurs and they even have particular tastes that you will need to satiate in order to make them happy. You will be baking cakes of different shapes, as well as adding frostings of a particular colour that depends on your customer’s order. Racing against time, you will have to meet your quota before the clock runs down to zero so you can complete a level.  Playing Cake Mania 3, as fun as it is, will also get your nerves going as soon as the orders start to pile up! Experience all the cake-making fun as you travel through time in different eras until you get back home.