Cake Mania 4

Jill is back for another installment of the fun baking game, Cake Mania. This time, Jill will not only work to save her grandparents’ shop, but the whole Main Street. The once happy place with lively businesses is no longer there. Instead, all the glory went to the Bakersfield Corner. Cake Mania 4 will give the same fun that the previous installments provided. This time, you will need not only your baking talent but your business experience. Plus, you will have the opportunity to manage other stores other than your family’s bakeshop. Furthermore, it’s not only Jill that you will play, but you will have the option to play other characters like Risha, Tiny and Jack.


Play Cake Mania 4 Main Street

How to Play the Game


You will be serving customers on the different stores including Evan’s bakeshop, Risha’s flower shop, the Burger Barn and Sumo Sushi. Each of these locations has 25 levels to complete. So to finish the whole game, you have a total of 100 levels to clear. Serving the customers is basically the same. You will either give the menu or their orders will pop-up on their thought automatically. In the Burger Ban, you will see the ingredients that you need to use on the cloud pointing to the customer. Prepare the order and make sure to do it fast. As you clear each level, several items will be unlocked for you. Clearing all levels on one store will unlock another store. Each customer will have a number of heart icons next to them. These hearts act like their patience meter. The longer they wait for your service, the lesser happy they will be. If they run out of patience, they will walk away from your store and you will be deducted for that. Food items that you throw will also be deducted on your earnings.


Upgrades on the Game


Upgrade your store and equipments to become more productive and serve your customers better. Your investment will help you earn more as you can work faster with a bigger store and additional tools. Since you will only have a few dollars to spend on the first few levels of the game, upgrade Jill’s shoes so she can move faster. This will help you move around the store and serve your customer quicker. Another tip is to arrange your equipments in such a way that it will be easier for you to prepare customers’ orders and serve them. Click the items that you want to move and drag them to the location where you want to place them. Items that were not sold will be deducted to your earnings so be careful in managing your orders.




You will get a trophy when you open other restaurants on the game, except for the shop of Jill’s grandparents. This is the only restaurant available when you start the game. Other restaurants will be made available as your game progresses. There are three other trophies that you can obtain from each restaurant. Finish all levels of the store and you’ll get one. If you achieved the maximum store upgrade, you will be awarded with a trophy, as well as if you finish all levels on a store with an expert score.